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[系统] Scientific WorkPlace 升级了!

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Scientific WorkPlace V5.5 在四年后有了小小的升级,从 Build 2953 升级为 Build 2960,其主页上还未说明,但在其 ftp://ftp.mackichan.com/download/Version55 站上可下载安装软件 swp-pro550B2960.exe 或升级补丁 SWP55toB2960.exe。


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Changes included in build 2960
1. Change to HTML export: LaTeX adds brackets around citations, so do it when exporting to HTML. Also, export the note in a citation. There would normally be a comma and space before the note, but there isn't a way to do add the comma conditionally, so just append the note when present.

2. Various corrections and additions to the help files (more than 250 files updated).

3. Add several macros to the ones that need a \protect in certain circumstances, including ones that were missing when saving for Portable LaTeX.

4. Add editor to the list of AMS typesetting specifications.

5. Computational engine: Fix to take the eigenvector of a matrix larger than 3x3, and a separate fix to increase the maximum matrix print size.

6. Animation settings: Fix which prevented animation settings in plots from working on a per-item basis (i.e., you could set start and end time and stuff for the overall "scene", but the settings for individual plot "items" were discarded).

7. Quiz sect1-1: Fix an incorrect answer (wrong sign was selected).

8. Quiz Hecht-1: Fix some questions after problems were noticed.

9. New shells added:
AGUTeX Article
American Economic Review (Similar)
Econometrica (Similar)
Elsevier Article
International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Joint Statistical Meetings Article
Journal of Economic Literature (Similar)
Journal of Economic Perspectives (Similar)
Journal of Political Economy
Quarterly Journal of Economics (Similar)
SPIE Proceedings (Note: this shell name had been previously used with article as the typesetting specification, spie is now the typesetting specification.)
Greek Article
Greek Article - XeTeX
Japanese Article - XeTeX
Korean Article - XeTeX
Russian Article
Russian Article - XeTeX
Simplified Chinese Article - XeTeX
Traditional Chinese Article - XeTeX
Article - Extended Font Sizes
Book - Extended Font Sizes
Proceedings - Extended Font Sizes
Book - Extended Font Sizes
Report - TU Wien Report (Note: this shell name had been previously used with report as the typesetting specification, refrep is now the typesetting specification.)
Jonathan Lewin VCC Style
Cornell University
University of Massachusetts Amherst Dissertation
Yale University Doctoral Dissertation.shl added

10. Shells renamed:
AIP (Similar) - was Similar to AIP
AIP (Similar) - Modified - was Similar to AIP - Modified
Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society (Similar) - was Similar to Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
MAA Monthly before 1992 (Similar) - was Similar to MAA Monthly before 1992
North-Holland Journals (Similar) - was Similar to North-Holland Journals
Sequential Analysis Journal (Similar) - was Similar to Sequential Analysis Journal
TU Wien Article.shl - was TU Wien Article (new).shl
World Scientific Book 9.00x6.00 - was World Scientific Book 9.00x6-00
SW Exam 1 - 8.5x11 Page - was SW Exam #1 - 8.5x11 Page
SW Exam 1 - 8.5x14 Page - was SW Exam #1 - 8.5x14 Page
SW Exam 2 - was SW Exam #2
SW Exam 3 - was SW Exam #3
Book - SW Book 1 - was Book - SW Book #1
Book - SW Book 2 - was Book - SW Book #2
Book - SW Book 3 - was Book - SW Book #3
Book - SW Book 4 - was Book - SW Book #4
Book - SW Book 5 - was Book - SW Book #5
Book - SW Book 6 - was Book - SW Book #6
Fax - SW Fax 1 - was Fax - SW Fax #1
Fax - SW Fax 2 - was Fax - SW Fax #2
Fax - SW Fax 3 - was Fax - SW Fax #3
Letter - SW Letter 1 - was SW Letter #1
Letter - SW Letter 2 - was SW Letter #2
Letter - SW Letter 3 - was SW Letter #3
Letter - SW Letter 4 - was SW Letter #4
Letter - SW Letter 5 - was SW Letter #5
Letter - SW Letter 6 - was SW Letter #6
Memo - SW Memo 1 - was Memo - SW Memo#1
Memo - SW Memo 2 - was Memo - SW Memo#2
Memo - SW Memo 3 - was Memo - SW Memo#3
Memo - SW Memo 4 - was Memo - SW Memo#4
Memo - SW Memo 5 - was Memo - SW Memo#5
Press Release - SW Press Release 1 - was Press Release - SW Press Release #1
Press Release - SW Press Release 2 - was Press Release - SW Press Release #2
Report - SW Report 1 - was Report - SW Report #1
Report - SW Report 2 - was Report - SW Report #2
Report - SW Report 3 - was Report - SW Report #3
Report - SW Report 4 - was Report - SW Report #4
Report - SW Report 5 - was Report - SW Report #5
Resume - SW Resume 1 - was Resume - SW Resume #1
Resume - SW Resume 2 - was Resume - SW Resume #2
Help Document Version 3.5 and 4 - was Help Document Ver 35 and 4
Book 1 - was Book #1
Exam 1 - was Exam #1
Fax 1 - was Fax #1
Letter 1 - was Letter #1
Letter 2 - was Letter #2
Letter 3 - was Letter #3
Letter 4 - was Letter #4
Memo 1 - was Memo #1
Report 1 - was Report #1
Resume 1 - was Resume #1
Slides - Jim's Landscape 2 - was Slides - Jim's Landscape #2
Thesis 1 - was Thesis #1
New Mexico State University (Similar) - was Similar to New Mexico State University
North Dakota State University (Similar) - was Similar to North Dakota State University
University of Miami (Similar) - was Similar to University of Miami
University of Utah (Similar) - was Similar to University of Utah

11. Shells removed:
Academic Press Journals.shl deleted
Academic Press Journals - Modified.shl deleted
SPIE Proceedings
SPIE Proceedings - Modified
TU Wien
Russian or Greek Article
Memo - SW Memo Special for Inventions
Report - TU Wien Report (new)

12. Nearly every shell updated to include typesetting specification information corresponding to information in the Shell Gallery. Various shell changed as hyperlink targets needed updating and/or as requested by customers.

13. Many screen style files (.cst files) modified for consistency. Added text tags for the attributes available with the ulem package.

14. Updated PackageSample-beamer.tex and PackageSample-subfig.tex and added PackageSample-ulem.tex in the SWSamples directory. The PackageSample-ulem.tex documents shows how a single level of change tracking can be done, sometimes known as legislative format.

15. Various changes to the BibTeX bibliography styles, mostly updates available from CTAN or other locations.

16. color.cfg changed to use the same driver as graphics.cfg to avoid a conflict when the color package was used at the same time as the graphicx package.

17. Separate texmf.cnf file added for use by Omega/Lambda to avoid a conflict with the texmf.cnf used by the updated version of pdftex/pdflatex.

18. The font map files msi.map, TrueTeX.map, and WinFonts.map were combined with the single font map file TCITeX\fonts\map\pdftex\pdftex.map used by the updated version of pdftex/pdflatex.
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本帖最后由 mathlabpass 于 2009-8-1 11:56 编辑

19. Package updates from CTAN
fancyheadings now from fancyhdr package (old fancyheadings files removed), algorithmic, apacite, beamer, bezos, newapa, caption, cite, curves, elsarticle, elsevier, extsizes, fancyvrb, fancychap, gatech-thesis, geometry, hyperref, IEEEtran, lineno, memoir, minitoc, url, ragged2e, natbib, ncctools packages, nomencl, pgf, pict2e, refman, rotating, showlabels, siam, spie, titlesec, uwthesis, xcolor, xtab, pdftex.def (part of the graphics package)

20. New packages from CTAN
ifxetex, oberdiek packages, hypernat, ntheorem

21. Style Editor file updates
sebase.cls (fix extra blank page in two column styles), fsbook.sty, laval.sty, secalcul.sty, selbk.sty, semem1.sty, SESlideJimsLandscape, srw.sty, swugbk.sty

22. Other typesetting specification updates:
sw20bams.sty, sw20dft1.sty, sw20df2.sty, sw20fra.sty, sw20gilb.sty, sw20ndsu.sty, sw20nmsu.sty, sw20stde.sty, sw55jep.sty (added), laa.sty, sw55aer.sty (added), sw55jel.sty (added), sw55jpe.sty (added), agutex (added), asaproc (added), biometrics (added), cornell (added), ectaart (added), espcrc1.sty, espcrc2.sty, ieice.cls, review.sty, nuthesis.cls, pittedt, sciencemag, llncs.cls, uga.sty, umthesis, unmthesis, wspc packages, yale

23. TrueTeX Previewer updated from Version 4.5P to 4.5U.

24. Batch file to directly run pdflatex (runpdflatex_ml.bat) corrected.

25. Various changes, updates, and additions to the interface files used by SW to interact with typesetting specification settings. The changes are in the files classes.opt, classes.pkg, and packgs.opt in the Typeset directory.

26. Changed the default PDF viewer program from Acrobat 5.0 (acrobat.exe) to Acrobat Reader 9.0 (acrord32.exe).

27. When saving for PDF or Portable LaTeX, use \centering instead of \begin{center} and \end{center} for floating graphics (to match what \FRAME does).

28. Add default entries for TeX Live 2007, especially to run XeTeX after a default install of TeX Live 2007.

29. Prevent a crash if a required space is included in a computation.

30. Changes to 2multibyte program used to save Unicode documents: remove some of the newlines added by the Portable LaTeX file type; fix missing last line of document (usually "\end{document}".

31. Change grader program to try to make it easier to spot mismatched mupad files.

32. Update characters in symbol panels: Fix U-breve and u-breve and tweak U-ring; make diamond more square and fill in star in Binary Operations section; exchange propto and varpropto and clean up esseqgtr gtreqless lesseqqgtr and gtreqqless in Binary Relations section; fix leadsto and clean up dashrightarrow and dashleftarrow in Arrows section; clean up O grave in Latin-1 section; fix c acute and E breve in Latin Extended-A section; reverse propto and varpropto (to more closely match the screen/typeset versions) in Binary Relations symbol section; clean up succnapprox in Negated Relations section.

33. Make the height of the popups the same as that for the fragment popup.

34. Change install to add registry keys to avoid the Failed to update registry message when using Vista.

35.Change to accomodate the Times New Roman ligature font issue that is specific to Vista.

36. Update pdftex/pdflatex to version 1.40.

37. Display a message box during the install to try to suppress delay after choosing Next at the final dialog before files are copied.
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1# mathlabpass

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我是新手,请问如何安装,能不能请大虾详细点:序列号输入多少。装完安装程序后需要重启吗?破解文件是直接运行    swp55b2960patch 吗?(重启前还是重启后?)

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